The ARTAS hair restoration system is robotic FUE. It helps the surgeon to perform some aspects of hair transplantation surgery. Most of the procedure is done by hand! It is the surgeon’s talent, experience, dedication and track record of success that determines the cosmetic outcome.

One negative is that the ARTAS robot cannot detect light colored hair, and cannot extract thick curly hair, so is only helpful for straight dark hair. ARTAS is not used for African American patients.

When ARTAS is used in complex cases performed by a technician with less training than a hair restoration surgeon, optimal results may be compromised. Also, ARTAS can only harvest hair from the back of the head.

The cost of purchasing the ARTAS robot is very high $300,000, and requires a royalty payment of $1.00 per graft for every unsuccessful extraction. The inventor of the ARTAS system who holds the original patents on robotic hair transplantation recently commented that the cost is prohibitive. And, that the robot is much slower than a good manual system.

Also, the surgeon must invest significant time to master the technology. ARTAS is only a surgical tool that requires the surgeon’s expertise.

The ARTAS message once again is that this technology eliminates the need for a large linear incision. Robotics has not yet developed to the point where the results match the quality of a skilled and experienced hair restoration surgeon. But in many cases, the robot is run by a technician, it does not replace an experienced surgeon.

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