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The first step in the PMHR hair restoration process is the complimentary consultation. Upon arriving at our Cardiff office for your appointment, you will sit down with our Medical Services Coordinator and/or one of the counselors to discuss your hair loss characteristics and your ultimate hair replacement goals. This evaluation will allow us to better advise you as to what your options are so you can make the best choices on how to treat your hair loss. Many people find on the day of their consultation that follicular unit hair transplants is the best option for them. Some people simply choose to use medicinal hair loss treatments or hair replacement systems, or they decide to wait and see what happens down the road without intervention. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for hair transplantation surgery. Some possible reasons for this could be a medical condition that hinders hair replacement surgery, a lack of viable donor hair, or a patient with an unrealistic expectation of surgical results. At PMHR, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to be well informed prior to initiating any type of hair loss treatment plan.

This patient decided to move forward with the Follicular Unit Transplant. This is the area he would like transplanted:


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We use a transparent 1cm² grid cover the area and mark the area on the grid to be transplanted:


Dr. Brandon Ross La Jolla Hair Loss Experts


Then we count the number of squares and multiply by how per grafts per cm². Depending on the amount of hairloss and the patient’s budget, we determine how many follicular units can be placed per cm². If the patient’s physiology allows we can placed up to 60FU’s per cm².


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